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Saskatchewan prison food services

Higher costs, poorer quality, let’s privatize!

Sometimes privatization means higher costs. Sometimes it means poorer services. But with the privatization of food service in correctional facilities, the Saskatchewan Party government and Compass Foods have managed to do both at the same time!

A comparison of the cost of food service in correctional facilities in different provinces showed that public is the way to go. BC’s privatized service cost 38 per cent more than Saskatchewan’s public service, while Alberta’s privatized service cost 60 per cent more.

But that didn’t stop the Saskatchewan Party from deciding to privatize food service in correctional facilities. And who did they give the contract to? Compass Group, the multinational responsible for higher costs in BC and Alberta, and which provided such horrible food at the University of Winnipeg that they were fired!

So let’s recap: 62 Saskatchewan residents lost their jobs so a British multinational could increase its profits. Poor food quality has led to several incidents that put the safety of corrections workers at risk.

As with all dodgy privatization schemes, the Saskatchewan Party is claiming that privatization will save money. But instead of providing evidence, the Saskatchewan Party’s response is trust us. Even after Access to Information requests were filed, the Saskatchewan Party government refused to let the public see the business case for privatizing food service in correctional facilities.