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Help stop privatization

The false promises of privatization—similar or improved services for less money—still hold considerable sway with most Canadians. And so in the short term, at least, privatization can be stopped only one scheme at a time.

Almost all privatization schemes depend on secrecy to win the approval of politicians and the public. Experience shows us that the more people know about a particular privatization scheme, the less they like it.

And so NUPGE has developed a five-point plan to ensure that the public knows as much as possible about every privatization scheme before it’s been approved. Encourage your politicians to enact this plan in your community.

Privatization five-point plan

To fully protect the public interest, governments must introduce legislation that ensures any privatization scheme meets five criteria:

  1. A public service will not be privatized or contracted to the private sector without public consultation and without demonstrable evidence it will lead to improved services.

  2. A decision to privatize a service will not be made without a full and open review by an independent and mutually agreed upon review agency or individual, who will ensure cost/benefit studies and comprehensive social and economic impact studies are conducted.

  3. Public sector workers and their representatives, and other interested stakeholders, shall have standing in the review process.

  4. The reviewing agency or individual will issue a final report and recommendation and will table the reports and all studies in the House of Commons, Legislature or the Public Accounts Committee.

  5. In the event that a specific privatization is recommended and found to be in the best interest of citizens, employees will have the ability to move to the new employer with all existing rights, benefits and entitlements.

NUPGE’s component unions have also developed some of their own campaigns to fight privatization: